Paulson Training Video on How to Properly Implement RJG’s Decoupled Molding (SM) Techniques

Here is new video from Paulson Training showing ‘How to properly implement RJG’s decoupled molding (SM) techniques:

MOLDing Starts with an Injection Mold

injection mold

Plastic Injection Molding, regardless of where you have it done, what company you use to do it, what material you use, or what your end product is all starts with one thing…a mold. Often it can be a very expensive mold. You can decide to pay the cost of the plastic injection mold upfront or you can amortize the cost of the plastic injection mold into the cost of the molding. Either way the plastic injection mold matters.

Injection Mold Costs

Whether you are in (pick your state) and you are competing with companies across the street or across the country the cost of the plastic injection mold can make the difference between winning and losing the business or building your product competitively. Certainly labor costs play a part but so much of the molding is automated that the labor cost is less of a factor then it is in the plastic injection mold which is heavily influenced by labor costs. So while the labor cost on molding will see some difference between states with different costs of livings, the biggest impact on your competitive strategy could be where you buy that plastic injection mold.

China Injection Mold Manufacturer

This is why you should always consider China. Labor costs are where China always shines. We have been doing business with China long enough now that we understand how they work and how we need to manage the process. If you do your due diligence and find the right manufacturer you will find a manufacture that can provide a cost effective quality plastic injection mold. Give it the same consideration you give finding a manufacture here in the United States. If you do it can separate you from the competitive pack.

I bought a Plastic Injection Mold from China……It was terrible!!!!!

Injection Mold Manufacturer from China

injection mold manufacturer

How many times have we heard that? Monthly? Weekly? Daily? Well let’s say often….and while I understand a bad experience is never fun, I am surprised at how many professional business people say they will never try it again. I have to wonder why? So many things in this world simply do not go smoothly and we find ourselves having to troubleshoot something or repair it or find some solution to make it work.
How many times have we given something or someone a second chance and what would have happened if we hadn’t? Would you be married to the same person? If you buy a car that is a lemon, will you never buy another car again? Was your favorite food always your favorite food or did you have to try it a few times? And clothes…. The first time you saw the latest fashion how many times have you said, I will never wear that, only to have it in several different colors three months later.
So many things in this life require a second or even a third try why wouldn’t finding the right injection mold manufacturer in the United States be the same. Wait, did I say the United States? Of course, I did. Finding a good injection mold manufacturer source anywhere is difficult. People sometimes forget that once they fine someone they are comfortable with. So why would China be any different?

US Injection Mold Manufacturer

Simply, it’s not. Just like here in the United States you have to do your homework. While touring a shop might be nice you really want to check out their work and references just like you would do here. The fact is China is very cost effective if you do this right. You don’t want to cross China off your list as a plastic injection mold manufacturer just because you had one bad experience. If you buy a bad toaster you return it. Well this may not be that simple but the point is you don’t give up on toasters. You know a toaster is easier than trying to toast bread in the oven. And considering the burnt bread a lot more cost effective.
Here you know China gives you a cost effective injection mold manufacturer that will allow you to be competitive here in the United States. You want that competitive edge. So learn from your bad mold. Was it really the injection mold  manufacturer or could things have been handled better as you consider the process. Were you dealing with China as you would an American injection mold manufacturer? There are so many possibilities but the bottom line is China can make quality cost effective molds. As professionals it is our job to determine the issues behind the bad mold and decide if in fact it was the injection mold manufacturer or a combination or reasons that once corrected can make this injection mold manufacturer viable. The other side is that you find a new manufacture in China just like so many people find new sources here in the United States.

US Cost Effective Injection Mold Manufacturer

The goal is to look beyond a terrible experience or a bad plastic injection mold manufacturer and determine how it can be done better the next time. China still provides for cost effective quality plastic injection mold manufacturer. Finding the right injection mold manufacturer in China for plastic injection molds allows companies to grow and prosper in the United States making this the positive experience it should be.

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