Project Portal

Project Portal ImageWe understand that you have a lot of choices as to who to partner with for your product needs. With that in mind we wanted to be more than just a cost effective, quality manufacturer. We wanted to be easy to work with and offer superior customer service. We wanted our cost savings to come from more than just our products.


The result is our secure Project Portal. This portal allows all of the team members to communicate in one place. All of the documentation in one place. All communication and project management tools are visible to the entire team in real-time. Issues can be dealt with in a solution driven team atmosphere. From drawings to team experience, our portal allows for all aspects of managing a your project to be in one place with the result being a quality where cost savings touches each corner of your operational cost.


Increased Communication between all team members including your mold designer & engineers

  • All Team members have access to the portal
  • Total visibility for schedule, status, issues
  • All communication in safe and secure one place

Access is convenient and 24/7

  • Drawings, communication, pictures, videos
  • Manage your program on your schedule
  • Access from any computer

Secure web interface (SSL) – confidentiality intact

  • All Team members sign an NDA
  • Web Site is totally secure by 3 levels
  • Password access

Error reduction and reduced lead times – prevents data loss

  • Team visibility and communication increases productivity and reduces errors
  • Everything documented  – no lost emails or conversations
  • Action items visible to all allowing for joint efforts

Overcomes language barriers

  • English is used by all on the portal
  • Reduces confusion
  • Reduces errors

No late hour phone calls

  • The portal does your communication so you don’t have to work different time zones
  • Work your own hours

Real time system alerts for progress and action items

  • Immediately informed of issues or changes
  • No delays for system updates

Weekly progress reports with pictures and/or video provided

  • Real Time progress at your desktop
  • Receive a picture, mark it up with instructions, and send it back in minutes
  • Video not clear enough? Request a specific shot or process

Tracks History, action items, open issues

  • The past and the present all in one place
  • Enhance your quality and performance with daily observation/conversation

Reduces your total cost of acquisition

  • No need for long airplane rides or expensive hotels
  • Language and time issues reduced
  • Enhanced quality reduces errors

Complete mold build history provided at time of delivery

  • You can see who did what and when