Equipment and Technology to Manufacture Injection Molds

CNC MachiningInjection molding is an advanced manufacturing discipline requiring quality precision injection molds to produce quality precision injection molded components.  In the past, mold building utilized skill and trial error to manufacture new injection molds, today to achieve the ultimate success companies use technology, computerized equipment and skilled labor to manufacture new precision injection molds.


The mold structure is defined from the beginning by the injection molded component to be produced and the production volume of that component.   Tooling engineers utilize computer aided technology programs like Pro E, Solidworks, Mold Flow and Sigma Soft to develop 3D models of an injection mold before constructing the mold.   From these models and detailed tool drawings, tool paths are created for CNC cutter paths and mold building.  Simulation software is used to identify any problem areas and correct these before the mold has been manufactured.


CNC high speed hard machining centers using software and advanced technologies to help tool makers manufacture molds with enhanced accuracy, efficiency and precision as well as improved surface finish. Some of these centers include the famous brand Makino and Hurco which employs CNC controls to deliver high speed hard machining with enhanced accuracy and precision. 

EDM (Electrical Discharge Milling) is a process utilizing a custom made electrode to remove metal in a detailed pattern.  Some of these EDM’s are manufactured by Mitsubishi or Sodick with CNC controlled software to allow for extreme precision tolerances in an almost limited geometry.  This is good for producing complex plastic components.  

Skilled Labor

Today the combination of technology, equipment and highly skilled mold builders can produce molds much faster and with an almost limitless geometry for plastic components.

Crescent Industries understands quality precision injection molds produce quality plastic components.  Our tooling facility is staffed with journeyman mold makers that apply their injection molding expertise, CNC equipment and advanced technologies to manufacture molds.  To learn more about our mold building services, please click here.


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