Stamping Die

Product Image - Stamping DieProgressive, Stage, Transfer Stamping Die

Progressive stamping is a method of feeding strips of sheet metal through a series of stations. These stations may include stamping, bending, cutting, and other forming. These stations are set up in a specific order along the path of the sheet metal. The stations along the path may be machined into a single die or multiple stages on 1 die. When the die closes, it closes all of the stations simultaneously and then the sheet metal advances to the second die which performs another operation. The final station is typically the cutting of the finished piece from the supporting “web” of sheet metal that is left from the earlier stages.

In order to create the shape you want, a strip may be advanced to a series of die and punches throughout the progressive stamping process. If holes or slots are desired, these pinches create them and is called “piercing.” Punches can also create cuts around your part in a process called “blanking.”



  • Electrical parts like connectors
  • Automotive parts like braces
  • Appliance parts motor mounts
  • Consumer parts like clips
  • Agriculture parts like tractor seats
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