Message from the CEO

Frank Spears GravitarWe strive to understand each client’s unique needs and deliver tangible results on every engagement. At Total Solution Industries, Inc., we understand your need for quality. The very culture of our engineers innately embraces that trait in their workmanship. We are absolutely dedicated to our client’s satisfaction!

We believe that we are the most cost effective solution for your program! We take pride in offering both quality and value in everything we do. When you request a reference quotation, you immediately begin to see why our customers increasingly look to us for their design and tooling needs!

We accomplish this by direct ownership in our ISO9000 certified facility in Shenzhen, China. We are capable of quoting you FOB China or your dock for ease in cost comparisons.

Our project Management Portal is unique to the industry. It reduces the chance for errors, speeds up communication and increases efficiency. Total Solution Industries, Inc. developed this portal to better serve our customers. It’s one thing that differentiates us from the other injection mold suppliers in a big way. We know, based on our customer experience with the portal that you will thoroughly enjoy the enhanced communication and detail management you will receive from our proprietary portal.

The next time your business calls for tooling, explore the opportunity that Total Solution Industries, Inc. offers to reduce cost, minimize procurement hassles and get your tooling to specification and on time. You have my word on it.

Franklin Spears
President & Founder
Total Solution Industries, Inc.